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Personal Information

Martin Peters
Martin Peters

Fritz-Reuter-Str. 42
18057 Rostock



German [mother tongue]
English [fluent, C1]




IP Network Setup & Operation
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery


2000 2004
Rastow, Germany
Dr.-Ernst-Alban-Schule Elementary School
2004 2012
Stralendorf, Germany
Gymnasiales Schulzentrum Stralendorf Academic high school/Gymnasium
September 2012 November 2016
Rostock, Germany
University of Rostock Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics
September 2016 April 2018
Rostock, Germany
University of Rostock Master of Science in Business Informatics
July 2017
Kleipeda, Lithuania
BaSoTI Summer School

Summer School about Network Security, Network Forensics, Concepts of Cryptography, Software Reliability, Reliability of Computer Systems, Continuity Planning and Organisational Aspects of Cyber Defense, with additional courses improving English presentation and writing skills.

Work Experience

2011 2012
Schwerin, Germany
Intern planet-ic GmbH

Internship as addition to the computer science classes in school.

Schwerin, Germany
Part time Software Developer planet ic GmbH

Development and automated testing of web based subsystems for credit institutions and local energy providers with Java/Spring.

June 2013 April 2017
University of Rostock
Research Student Department of Systems Biology und Bioinformatics

Design, conception, development, and maintainance of mostly Java and JavaScript based web applications in systems biology, with the scope of work flow centered data management to facilitate reusability, shareability and citeability.

For this different frameworks were employed, including JSF, Backbone.js, and Java Servlets. My tasks also extended to work with different deployment strategies, which involved Tomcat and later Docker as base technologies. During the end of the project I was further entrusted to develop a migration strategy to move all public software project to GitHub and later to execute it successfully.

January 2016 July 2016
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Exchange Research Student JJJ-lab, Department of Biochemistry

In collaboration with the research group I was working in Rostock and the JJJ-lab in Stellenbosch, we set up a project to the goal to facilitate researches to share more reproducible in silico experiments.

To archive this goal I extended the existing JWS Online platform with the capability of storing SED-ML, an open standard to describe simulation setups. This allows researchers to explore, create, curate, and finally share simulations setups via a simple web interface which seemlessly integrates with the existing database for biological models. The long term goal is to embedded links to curated simulation setups in scientific publications, therefore providing both: an easy way to reproduce figures and to distribute the source code of the simulation in standardized formats.

November 2017 — Now
Rostock, Germany
Freelancer Self Employed
June 2018 November 2018
Rostock, Germany
IT Solution Engineer Altow
January 2019 — Now
Rostock, Germany
Software Engineer FleetMon JAKOTA Cruise Systems

Commincation Skills and Conference Participation

April 2014
Manchester, UK
Poster @ COMBINE Harmony

The goal was to present and discuss our initial ideas about combining tools to establish consistent data management work flows in Systems Biology.

December 2014
Rostock, Germany
Poster @ DAAD Science Tour

Following the publication about the COMBINE Archive Web, I created a poster presenting the tools and work flows developed to spread the idea.

April 2015
Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Poster @ COMBINE Harmony
September 2015
Warnemünde, Germany
Invited Talk @ DataCite Workshop

Not just encouraging people to share their work results freely, but also promoting work flows and tools was the major goal of the workshop. Thus Martin Scharm and I presented our approach in bundling and sharing data with the COMBINE archive.

September 2016
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

During my time at the JJJ-lab in Stellenbosch, South Africa I developed an extension for the JWS Online platform, which allowed user to create, share, and curate simulation setups. Goal of this talk was to report on the progress made and advertise sharing "clickable" simulation setups. [slides]

Rostock, DE
Talk @ nconf 2019

Fighting Legacy with Microfrontends and Custom Elements.

Nowadays, the harsh reality is still that slow, server generated pages are gleaning upon us. With no time to spare for re-writing, the 4th limbo of developer hell is thriving more and more. The concept of Microfrontends together with Custom Elements allows incorporating modern technologies into established systems — effectively battling the repetitive cycle of stitching up legacy code. This talk will introduce the concept of Microfrontends and will provide first learnings of using it as Change-Management-Strategy in production.


Peters, Martin and Eicher, Johann J. and van Niekerk, David D. and Waltemath, Dagmar and Snoep, Jacky L. : The JWS online simulation database. Bioinformatics 33 1589--1590; [10.1093/bioinformatics/btw831]
Martin Scharm, Florian Wendland, Martin Peters, Markus Wolfien, Tom Theile, Dagmar Walthemath : The CombineArchiveWeb application -- A web based tool to handle files associated with modelling results. In Procedings of SWAT4LS 2014; CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Berlin, Germany;

Extra Curricular Activities

2002 2011
Sülte, Germany
Member of the volunteer fire brigade Freiwillige Jugend Feuerwehr Sülte
2004 2012
Schwerin, Germany
Member of a Dance Club TSC Schwerin e.V.
December 2014 December 2017
Rostock, Germany
Elected student representative Computer Science Institute, University of Rostock
2015 — Now
Rostock, Germany
Hackspace Member Hackspace Rostock e.V.
2017 — Now
Rostock, Germany
Member of the Academic Sailing Club ASV zu Rostock e.V.